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Train Job

Raynor's Raiders attack a Terran Dominion train.

Trains are a form of transport utilized by terrans.

Known types include multi-trains[1] and mag-lev trains. Shielding technology may be used to prevent scanning of the cargo.[2]

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This article or section contains information from the optional Rebellion Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

In 2504, the Terran Dominion ran a large number of supply trains with minimal security on Tarsonis. Raynor's Raiders robbed several of these trains, one of which was transporting Adjutant 23-46.[2]

The following section contains information from Co-op Missions that is ambiguously canonical.

In 2506, Moebius Corps ran trains across Tarsonis to ferry supplies for Amon's forces. Graven Hill was tasked with destroying these trains, but his forces did not arrive in time. Instead he tasked allied commanders with intercepting these trains before they could escape. [3]

Known TrainsEdit


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