BattleLines SC1 Map1

The scenario's layout

"We have a lot of tests at the Academy that we throw at cadets, and many times the simplest looking tests cause them the most grief. Training Scenario A17 is one of the simplest tests we have available."

- Commandant Uraj Al'Kural(src)

Training Scenario A17 is an Academy simulation. The basic premise of the mission is team four cadets together and have them fight another team. What makes A17 unique is the training environment. It features a special space platform built out of a large number of small metal plates connected by an downright obscene number of bridges. Then we placed resources equidistant from the cadets for them to fight over. The design of the platform is simple, and the savagery of the fight always amazes us. Resource nodes constantly change hands, each bridge is defended and attacked with brutal intensity, and the front line constantly shifts around the battlefield.


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