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The title of this article is conjectural. The subject has no canonical name.

"Proximity is the least of my concerns. Emotional closeness. Pride. Disappointment. We watch over them, yes--as we watch over many of the races of the galaxy. But we must not interfere. We must not direct their course. They are not our students. We are theirs."

- Templar Rihod commenting on the aliens.(src)

A species of tribal aliens inhabit a world within range of what used to be the Protoss Empire. This world has at least one moon and appears to be situated within a binary star system.

The species possesses a low level of technology. This was demonstrated in 2500, roughly at the same time as the outbreak of the Brood War. The tribes were threatened by volcanic activity and relocated, unaware of a protoss mothership watching them from orbit. As per the edicts of the Dae'Uhl, the protoss were only observers.[1]

As of 2503,[2] the terrans of the Koprulu Sector have no knowledge of the aliens' existence.[3]


It was stated in an interview by Blizzard employees that the zerg are universally feared, hated and hunted by all the sapient species of the Milky Way. The statement was quite general however, and it is unclear how much of it (if any) can be said to apply to the tribal aliens.[4]


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