Tropical Seas Logo
"When visiting this vacation paradise, bring the kids, bring the dog, but please don't bring the Zerg."

- Tropical Seas advertisment(src)

TropicalSeas SC1 Map1

The Tropical Seas

The Tropical Seas Resort is a terran resort based on a planet in or near the Koprulu Sector. It has offered guests the ultimate in comfort and elegance for over three generations. Peaceful, sandy beaches and gentle palm groves are the natural setting for a stay filled with rest and relaxation. Although the resort has recently been "enhanced" by a zerg infestation in the surrounding area, marines are able to keep them at bay, apparently adding a "new level of excitement" to the vacation.

In addition, people may sign up for the Zerg Adventure Package, consisting of a real "hunt in the wild" experience with the assistance of a trained guide.

Game MapEdit

The resort serves as a multiplayer map of StarCraft, supporting up to eight players.


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