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"This ain't your property, Confed. We own this claim fair and square. Go tell your bosses that we got the paperwork and everything. Y'unnerstand me?"

- Lemuel Baden while confronted by Arcturus Mengsk(src)

Turanga Canyon is a landform located on the desert world of Sonyan and was the site of a deep-core mining operation by the Kel-Morian Combine. Their site consisted of a series of modular constructions built on an artificial plateau situated at a scar in the canyon wall. The site's perimeter had been built up into a defended ridge with sandbagged foxholes and concrete bunkers. A pair of missile turrets also provided protection from the air along with goliath walkers.

In the end, the defenses came to naught. Elements of the 33rd Ground Assault Division of the Confederate Marine Corps carried out a takeover of the site on the (false) pretense that it was an illegal operation. However, the takeover went awry from the outset, their dropship being shot down by a heat-seaking missile and most of the marines killed or injured as a result. To make matters worse the site was an open killing ground. However, boulders and scatterred trees were located above it on the canyon's ledges, allowing for a flanking maneuver. Most of the mercenaries were killed in a crossfire and the remaining soldiers and miners surrendured soon after, prompted by the threat of a newly arrived siege tank.[1]


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