Tyrus Fallit was a large man in service to crime lord Fagin, acting as a subordinate to Fagin's assistant Markus Ralian (who loved being able to lord it over the much bigger Fallit).

Fallit was a cold-blooded killer; the only thing that made him emotional was mentioning the murder of his sister.


Fallit was a loyal subordinate to Fagin, and had a sister who was a sex dancer in order to pay for her hab addiction. When she was killed by a regular customer that she wouldn't sleep with, Fagin made sure the customer was hunted down and died slowly and painfully.

Fagin ordered Markus Ralian to keep a captured psychic Old Family member, Nova, at Ralian's house. Tyrus Fallit was assigned to watch over Nova, but her mind-reading creeped him out.

When Fagin captured Nova for the second time, he ordered Fallit to kill a child. Nova was too slow; she blew up his T20 pistol but was unable to save the girl.

This, along with Fagin's psi-screen, forced Nova's surrender.


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