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Ultraling is a zerg late game strategy using ultralisks and zerglings. The ultralisks move ahead to draw initial enemy fire. This allows the zerglings to follow and close with the enemy with fewer casualties; the zerglings are the force's main damage dealers.

Economically, zerglings allow the use of vespene gas for the ultralisks. The inexpensiveness of zerglings also helps to sustain an ultraling attack. The high gas requirement

The basic ultraling has no anti-air or ranged attack component. Movement and attack speed upgrades are high priorities.


Supporting ultraling with the defiler's Dark Swarm ability works well against terrans and protoss, in addition to providing protection from attacks from the air.

StarCraft IIEdit

Ultraling vs Marauder00:24

Ultraling vs Marauder

A ultraling group going against marauders.