Unsealing the Past is a mission in the campaign of Legacy of the Void, and the second mission in the Purifier storyline.



"History has shown the Purifiers cannot be controlled, Artanis."
"They do not have to be. These personalities, like I, will have free will."

- Grand Preserver Rohana and Fenix(src)

After some deliberation, Hierarch Artanis decided that the ancient Purifiers who had been sealed away on Cybros needed to be reactivated. He thought that with some convincing, they would help him in the war against Amon just as Fenix had. Grand Preserver Rohana was vocally opposed, but Artanis went ahead with the operation.

Cybros was in orbit above Endion. On the surface several stasis locks shielded Cybros, and would have to be deactivated in order to reactivate the purifiers. Unfortunately, a large contingent of Amon's zerg broods had infested Endion.[1]


SpearofAdunCybrosEndion SC2-LotV Cine1

Arrival at Endion

Artanis and his forces arrived on the surface to deactivate the stasis field generators. Phase-smith Karax discovered the locks could only be unsealed through a device called the Megalith, which would have to be guided to each stasis lock. Unfortunately, the forests were infested with zerg. Karax activated the facility's colossi in order to cover the Megalith as it moved.

Karax uncovered several power cores of incredible size, constructed with solarite components, that would be value for the Spear of Adun's solar core. The Daelaam forces pushed through reinforcing zerg numbers, but eventually the Megalith was escorted to the last lock, freeing Cybros from stasis. Artanis recalled his forces and made his move to Cybros.[1]


The goal of this mission is to escort the Megalith to the stasis locks, through heavy zerg defenses. The Megalith is not unarmed, and will fire thermal lances at any zerg it comes across. However, it is still fragile, and cannot be path blocked, so even if the player lacks forces it will move on without them.

Colossi are the key to this mission, as is using their ability to scale cliffs and attack out of range of the zerg. However, colossi are fragile, and other forces are necessary to provide a buffer for them. The bonus objectives are moderately well defended and may take some effort to get, so it is best to wait until the Megalith is in stasis before going after them.

Starcraft 2 - UNSEALING THE PAST - Brutal (All Achievements) LOTV 1517:14

Starcraft 2 - UNSEALING THE PAST - Brutal (All Achievements) LOTV 15.


UnsealingThePast SC2-LotV AchieveIcon1
Unsealing the Past

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete the “Unsealing the Past” mission in the Legacy of the Void campaign.

UnsealingThePast SC2-LotV AchieveIcon3
Brood War

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Destroy all Zerg structures in the “Unsealing the Past” mission on Normal difficulty.

UnsealingThePast SC2-LotV AchieveIcon2
Pest Control

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Seal all caves with rocks in the “Unsealing the Past” mission less than 40 seconds after Zerg begin to emerge from them.

UnsealingThePast SC2-LotV MasteryAchieveIcon
Termination Protocols

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Destroy all Zerg Lairs in the “Unsealing the Past” mission before the Megalith reaches the fourth Stasis Lock on Hard difficulty.



  • This mission hearkens to the plot of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, and takes the general theme of disabling the shield generator for an orbiting battlestation above a forest moon, both battlestations having the ability to destroy/purify a world.
  • A group of dancing creatures similar to Ewoks from the aforementioned Star Wars movie (named Moopy in the map editor) can be found in the southeastern corner of the map.[2] Another one can be found hiding behind a tree in the northwestern corner of the map, not far from him there is a small fireplace.
  • A zerg unit, resembling a primal ultralisk, named Indomilisk Rex can be found to the left of the northeastern corner of the map, it is inside energized walls and its description says it is an enhanced strain. It is a reference to Jurassic World's Indominus Rex.


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