"Ignore a single spark long enough, and it can grow into an inferno. Leniency is only an invitation to future chaos"

- Admiral Urun(src)

Urun is the leader of the Auriga Tribe and a member of the Hierarchy. He wishes to retake Aiur for the glory of the protoss.[3]


Early PoliticsEdit

"This Hierarchy is failing. It needs a leader to succeed. This stalemate is but further proof of that."
"Then I will be this leader!"
"You would ruin us all, Nahaan. I would submit myself for this position."

- Zekrath, Nahaan, and Urun play politics(src)

Urun SC-Sacrifice Comic1

Urun in an early Hierarchy meeting

In the early days of the Hierarchy, the group often found itself at an impasse. In light of yet another impasse, Zekrath suggested that it needed a leader. Nahaan immediately put himself forward, while Urun declared that he would lead them to ruin, and that it was he himself who would be leader. Neither of them achieved the position however, for as Zekrath and Mohandar pointed out, the hierarch had to be an individual who commanded the respect of both the Khalai and Nerazim, namely Artanis. The young protoss refused, stating his intent to leave the body and resume his duties as a warrior when circumstance allowed. Mohandar suggested that they reconvene the following day, in order to hear if Artanis had changed his mind. Many of the members threatened to leave the Hierarchy if Artanis did not take up the mantle of leadership, including Tabrenus. Urun snidely remarked that he would not mourn his departure if such a thing came to pass.

It did not, however, as Artanis agreed to take on the role of hierarch.[4]

Auriga LeaderEdit

Urun became the leader of the Auriga Tribe in 2503.[1]


In 2503,[5] Urun attended a meeting of the Hierarchy to discuss Zamara, a missing preserver. There were none on Shakuras. A terran female, Rosemary Dahl, attended the meeting, along with Vartanil (a survivor from Aiur) and executor Selendis.

Urun was unhappy that Dahl didn't propose a return to Aiur, and was angered to learn that Zeratul, Selendis and Artanis had abandoned survivors on Aiur years ago. However, Vartanil himself agreed with this action, blunting Urun's protests.

Urun proposed searching for more survivors on Aiur until told they'd been killed, and even then proposed sending an expedition to Aiur in order to retrieve clues. However, fellow Hierarchy member Mohandar found a more likely location for Zamara.[3]

Tensions in PeaceEdit

Urun ShadowWars Comic1

Urun contacts the terrans near Adena.

Admiral Urun survived the events of the End War, and later went on to command the carrier Saalok's Eye. Sometime after the Defenders of Man Insurgency, Urun spotted a group of terrans near the planet Adena, and stopped them. Their leader, Captain Hogarth, claimed to have orders to survey all abandoned outposts in the region, but Urun's subordinate noted they did not send any transmissions. Urun knew they were trying to deceive him, but allowed the terrans to land anyway.[6] The terrans were ambushed by the Niadra Brood, and when a dropship attempted to escape the planet with a marine infested with a larva inside, Urun shot it down. This inflamed tensions between Urun and Hogarth.[7]

In Utter DarknessEdit

Main article: In Utter Darkness
"Your timing is impeccable, Admiral Urun! When the enemy takes to the air, we will need your support."

- Zeratul upon Urun's arrival at the final stand.(src)

Urun SC2-WoL Game1

Urun's phoenix at the final battle.

In an apocalyptic future glimpsed at by the Overmind (and others through it), Urun took part in a final stand on a distant, shadowed world against a hybrid-controlled Swarm. He rallied the remnants of the Great Fleet and had a small ground force gathered as well. He, alongside the remnants of his species, did battle. For all their valor, it was to no avail, and Urun fell alongside his people, declaring that there were "too many of them".[8]

Game UnitEdit

"Let it begin!"

- Urun ready for battle(src)

Urun pilots a powerful Phoenix in the mission In Utter Darkness. It has an identical Graviton Beam ability as other Phoenixes.[8]


GravitonBeam SC2 Icon1
Graviton Beam

Lifts target unit into the air, preventing it from moving, attacking, or using abilities. While using this ability the phoenix cannot move or attack. One in effect can be cancelled early to end the effects.

The effect ends instantly if either the targeted unit or the casting phoenix is destroyed.

Burrowed zerg units will be unburrowed by the ability, and will reburrow when they fall back to the ground.

Cost 50 Energy Terran SC1
Duration 7Time SC2 Game1


It was stated that Urun would appear in Legacy of the Void.[9][10] However, he makes no appearance in the game. Data exists in the map editor for Urun as a hero unit in Legacy of the Void. Tooltips and buttons imply he would have piloted a carrier, and had the ability Mass Recall. Other data implies Urun may have appeared as a hybrid of some sort.[11]


"Urun" is the name of a league division in StarCraft II.


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