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  • I live in Western New York
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  • My occupation is Janitor at a Truck Shop
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I happen to own the first StarCraft and its expansion Brood Wars. I also own the Starcraft Archive.

Personally, I think that the perfect army is a joint Terran-Zerg-Protoss force, as you can have a lot more than just 200 troops, and numbers is a quality of its own. Plus, each unit as its own ability, like the Dark Archon's Mind Control, the Medic's Healing, and the Lurker's ability to attack underground. Very valuable.

I wonder what the Future will bring to StarCraft.

Fan-Fiction Stories Edit

Well, I'm not allowed to post my Fan-Fiction on this Wikia, but, since this is my page, I can direct people to it.

This is a skit between two basic characters from StarCraft and WarCraft. [1] Same thing, but on another site I'm a member of. [2] Another site. [3]

This is an interactive that fans of StarCraft/WarCraft can add to. Note: must be a member of the site to add your own story. [4]

This here is a spoof of the Wasteland Patrol [5]. On another site [6].

What's More Popular? Edit

StarCraft and Brood Wars or StarCraft II and its expansions? What one?

Published some BooksEdit

Got some books published on Lulu, so if anyone is interested in Werewolves, Cowboys, and poems, look here. Perhaps someone would like to buy one of them. [[7]]

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