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  • I live in Guadalajara
  • I was born on May 18
  • I am Hombre


Hi there, stranger... Stay a while and listen... <3

'Bout meEdit

I'm CombatMagic, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I really love StarCraft, I don't play it very well, but I love its lore, units, plot!

Love watching every type of games, from bronze to pro level... It's amazing the feeling I experience watching!

My statics on SC2: CombatMagic #294, if you want to add me. :D

By the way, I'm admin on the Spanish StarCraft Wiki, this is my talk page there! Keep making the community better every day!


PSI: Go do something!

PSII: Why aren't you correcting grammar at least!?

PSIII: Go! Check those references! See if they are all correct!

PSIV: Check the Stubs... There is something you can do there?

PSV: Okay... maybe you can add some categories? I don't know, man...

Shameless proud spawner of theseEdit



  1. Category:Protoss map and web characters
  2. Category:Protoss player characters
  3. Category:Zerg player characters
  4. Category:Protoss Executor images
  5. Category:Overlords
  6. Category:Zerg map and web characters
  7. Category:Ash Thompson images
  8. Category:Phaeton images
  9. Category:Zerus images
  10. Category:Protoss Templar Archives images
  11. Category:Karass images
  12. Category:Urun images
  13. Category:Zagara images
  14. Category:Sarco Angelini images
  15. Category:Mohandar images
  16. Category:Heroes of the Storm
  17. Category:Heroes of the Storm images
  18. Category:StarCraft II Zerg NPC buildings
  19. Category:StarCraft Zerg campaign units
  20. Category:StarCraft Terran campaign units
  21. Category:StarCraft Protoss campaign units
  22. Category:StarCraft Zerg NPC buildings
  23. Category:AI characters images
  24. Category:StarCraft Terran NPC buildings
  25. Category:Protoss characters in the StarCraft and Brood War manuals
  26. Category:Protoss book characters
  27. Category:Protoss characters of the Dark Templar Saga
  28. Category:Protoss characters in Frontline
  29. Category:Amazing Stories protoss characters
  30. Category:Protoss characters of Shadow of the Xel'Naga
  31. Category:Zerg characters of Queen of Blades
  32. Category:Zerg book characters
  33. Category:Protoss characters of Queen of Blades
  34. Category:Zerg characters in Frontline
  35. Category:Zerg characters in the StarCraft and Brood War manuals
  36. Category:Protoss characters in Mercenaries and Revolution
  37. Category:Zerg characters in Mercenaries and Revolution
  38. Category:Protoss characters in the Stukov missions
  39. Category:Zerg characters in the Stukov missions
  40. Category:StarCraft Protoss NPC buildings
  41. Category:Anabelle images
  42. Category:Milo Kachinsky images
  43. Category:Michael Liberty images
  44. Category:Morrigan images
  45. Category:Pfaff images
  46. Category:Graven Hill images
  47. Category:Hank Harnack images
  48. Category:Hartley images
  49. Category:Jackson Hauler images
  50. Category:Jacobs images
  51. Category:Jake Ramsey images
  52. Category:Jon Dyre images
  53. Category:Lee Keno images
  54. Category:Jin-ho Lim images
  55. Category:Mira Han images
  56. Category:Malkovitch images
  57. Category:Earl images
  58. Category:Randall images
  59. Category:Romy Pyrius images
  60. Category:Tamsen Cauley images
  61. Category:Ybarra images
  62. Category:Jessica Hall images
  63. Category:Donny Vermillion images
  64. Category:Echo images
  65. Category:Sparky images
  66. Category:Fagin images
  67. Category:Lagdamen images
  68. Category:Sandin Forst images


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  23. File:NewkirkPrecinct SC2 Map1.jpg
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  32. File:Diablo Log1.jpg


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