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    This is just the first post for my current work on a StarCraft Galaxy Map.

    I'll post updating blog posts whenever new info comes in, so right now, the map is a bit limited.

    Hopefully, LotV will deliver with the Celestial Array where WoL and HotS failed with their star-maps given what they were suppose to be originally.

    Anyways, here's the map currently: [1]

    All of the info for the current map comes from the manual:

    60,000 light year distance:

    "Eventually, the warp-drive engines of the four supercarriers reached critical meltdown. After twenty-eight years of warp travel, the huge ships emerged into real space near the edge of a habitable star system. Some 60,000 light years from the Earth, their engines destroyed and their life-support batteries ne…

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  • Shadow Archon

    So, in Heart of the Swarm, we get to see Zerus in-game. Zerus itself was only described in the manual beforehand, but it did leave a clear impression of what the Zerg left behind.

    This created a discrepancy between the manual that described Zerus and what we saw in Heart of the Swarm. A lifeless world versus one full with the lives of Primal Zerg.

    So, this is my hypothesis to explain away that discrepancy.

    Let's start with some quotes:

    "Travelling thousands of light years into the burning core of the galaxy, the Xel’Naga eventually settled upon the volatile ash-world of Zerus. The Xel’Naga planned to continue their Grand Experiment of evolution, only this time they dismissed their tenets of physical form and focused chiefly on the pursuit of a…

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