• Troll64

    World of Starcraft

    July 19, 2015 by Troll64

    Not done yet

    Korhal is the Capital and seat of power for the Sons of Korhal. It is not however anything like it used to be. Its a ruined ghetto city. Filled with ruined buildings and destroyed materials in the roadways, its filled with rats aswell. But the Terran do their best to try Repair their former home. Mengsk palace was strangely well preserved and now serves as the Head quarters for the new Terran leader -I suck at creating names-.

    This is the second planet Terran players come to, and its here where the players uncover that the Protoss has spies on the planet, watching the Terran and all of their operations. You work for an agent and uncover the protoss network. This causes an outrage, and it builds up to the eventual conflict betwee…

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