"Utopia" is an illegal addictive drug invented by Dr. Andrew Forrest, a Halcyon-based pharmacologist, who worked for Besske-Vrain & Stalz Pharmaceutical Corporation.

Utopia was initially intended to be a painkiller. It had strong highs but initially mild side effects. However over time abused reduced the strength of the high, and some users suffered from fatal convulsions.

Forrest decided to sell the secrets of its manufacture to crime lord Scutter O'Banon of Deadman's Port, Dead Man's Rock. O'Banon dispatched two of his newest employees, outlaw duo Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay, to bring him with them, along with samples of the drugs and notes.

The duo infiltrated the corporation and met Forrest in a sealed room. Forrest was afraid he'd be killed though, so he left out a key part of the formula, which he explained to Findlay and Raynor. The duo were being tracked by sadistic bounty hunter Ezekiel Daun, however, who knew about the operation and tracked the duo there. Daun shut off the power, prompting the duo to move away from the door. Forrest didn't, and was killed when it blew up.

The duo chased Daun off and fled with the sample and incomplete formula. O'Banon was not pleased, despite Findlay's logical explanations for their incomplete success. He said it would take weeks to determine the missing element.[1]


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