"Whoa, hang on. Your family is the Wolfe in Wolfe Industries? Did you know that, Hanna?"
"Oh, yeah, I think I remember hearing that the other five hundred times he brought it up."

- Kell Daws and Hanna Saul on Wolfe(src)

Private Vallen Wolfe was a member of Meatbag Squadron. An admirer of Arcturus Mengsk, Vallen abandoned his wealth and place in Wolfe Industries and joined the Dominion Marine Corps to make a name for himself. Wolfe was a devote believer in the regime of Arcturus Mengsk. He and Meatbag Squadron were assigned to clear out the Scantid Pirates on Tarsonis in 2505, but were ambushed by feral zerg. Wolfe was killed by zerglings in the abandoned Ghost Academy.


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