Van Osten's Moon, actually a planet despite the name, is a rocky craggy wasteland with a thin, cold, gritty atmosphere.

The planet's geology had been altered in an unusual way. The rocks had deteriorated in a manner suggesting geologic ages. The rock layers, however, had been transformed "virtually overnight". The walls had been altered to become glassy and had embeddged gems.[1]

The world bore strange ancient ruins which combined artificial and natural features. The builders had even crafted canyons and mountains.

The ruins included spiraled towers taller than the surrounding mesas (now broken down) and enormous collapsed caverns, which included a set of curved tunnels, stretched deep below the surface. The walls were laced with strange alloys which glowed, and gems were embedded within the walls.[1]

These ruins were explored by archaeologist Jake Ramsey, who was forced to cut off his research due to a lack of funding. In 2497, the ruins were investigated by an adolescent Valerian Mengsk, who was taking shelter from the Terran Confederacy in Orbital 235.[1]



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