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The Vanguard of Aiur

Aiur defense force



De Facto Leader

Conclave (?–2500)


Protoss Empire (?–2500)

AraTribe SC-BG-BW Logo1a Conclave (?–2500)

Some parts of the Ara, Akilae, Furinax, Auriga and Velari tribes


Aiur (?–2500)

Official Language


Date Dissolved



Dissolved upon evacuation of Aiur

  The Vanguard of Aiur was a protoss faction loyal to the Conclave. It defended Aiur from the zerg and later defended the Conclave from Tassadar and the Dark Templar.


Against the ZergEdit

The Vanguard of Aiur defended Aiur shortly after the zerg reached the planet. A task force drawn from the Akilae, Auriga and Velari defended a large Khaydarin crystal formation but failed to keep the Zerg from acquiring a crystal.[1]

A Vanguard of Aiur force drawn from the Ara, Akilae and Velari Tribes defended the temple marking where the xel'naga first landed on Aiur. They were unable to prevent its destruction by the zerg.[2]

Protoss Civil WarEdit

During the civil war, the Vanguard of Aiur defended the Heart of the Conclave from Tassadar, Fenix and the Dark Templar. This detachment drew from the Auriga and Ara Tribes. The Heart of the Conclave was destroyed, but this resulted in Tassadar's capture.[3]

The Vanguard of Aiur, using forces from the Ara and Furinax Tribes surrounded Tassadar's prison cell, but Fenix, Zeratul and terran ally Jim Raynor freed him.[4]


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