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Velari Tribe

Templar tribe



De Facto Leader

Protoss Empire (?–2500)

Conclave (?–2500)
Vanguard of Aiur (?–2500)
TemplarCaste SC2 Logo1 Templar Caste (?–2506)

DaelaamRegalia SC2 Decal1 Daelaam (2500–)


Aiur (2506–)

Official Language



Active, exiled from Aiur

  The Velari Tribe is a protoss tribe of the Templar Caste. Its tribal color is yellow.


The Velari Tribe was unheard of by the Shelak Tribe by the late Aeon of Strife period.[1] Regardless, with the unification of the protoss under the Khala and the creation of the caste system, the Velari were seemingly organized under the Templar Caste.[2]

During the Great War, the Velari helped to defend Aiur against the zerg. They participated in the protection of the khaydarin crystals[3] and in the defense of the sacred protoss temple[4] alongside the Ara, Akilae and Auriga Tribes. However, despite their efforts, the zerg managed to destroy the protoss defenses, resulting in the Overmind implanting itself on the planet.[5]

By 2503[6] the Velari Tribe had no representation in the Hierarchy.[7]

Known MembersEdit


The name Velari is possibly derived from the Latin word velati, which means "the reserves".


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