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The Victory was a destroyer used by the Terran Dominion it was key in the evacuation of Krakulv Base.


In 2504, the Victory revived a distress signal from Krakluv Base due to the zerg attack there, but was six hours away. The base held until the Victory arrived, but the base did not have enough medivacs to evacuate the entire crew of the base. Three more had to be sent down.

The staff was evacuated, with Major Lee Treicher and Captain Brachyan Treicher being the last two staff to leave. Upon arriving, Brachyan was forced into the medical bay due to extreme injuries. Lee contacted the captain telling him to leave orbit immediately, but the captain said they had to use nuclear weapons to wipe out the zerg first. Lee stated they already activated the nuclear failsafe, and the Victory was able to escape the blast in time.[1]


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