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The viper is a unit in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

The concept of the viper goes as far back as 2008. It resembled a snake/scorpion in this form. Concepts were done by Samwise Didier.[1] Its current aesthetic is a cross between a cobra/scorpion and a wasp.[2]

As of April 2012, the viper could also "eat" minerals in order to recover energy. This renders the patch unavailable, so it should not be used in the player's base.[3]

  • Ocular Parasite: The viper grants detection to an allied non-massive unit. The viper can target other vipers or itself with this ability.[4] It can only be used once.[5] This ability has probably been removed as of April 2012, since the overseer has been returned, and the viper made into a "pure" spellcaster.[3]


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