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"This is something born of the Void. Cold and empty. But so powerful it hurts."
Void SC2-LotV Cncpt1

The landscape of the Void

The Void is a dark, cold manifestation of space,[1] separate from the material universe.[2]


SinisterProphecy3 SC2 Story1

Amon within the Void

The Void appears to bear a breathable atmosphere to creatures of the material universe.[3] The Void has borne its own lifeforms, such as the xel'naga,[4] Void shades,[5] and possibly other species.[6] Landforms exist inside the Void, akin to floating islands.[7][3][8] "Currents" of the Void can be accessed from the material universe, said currents being affected by gravity and solar winds.[9]

Void energy is highly unpredictable,[10][11] and in sufficient quantity is lethal to both protoss and zerg,[12] and can blind the sensors of the former species.[13][14]

In 2506, the Terran Dominion, Zerg Swarm, and Daelaam launched an expedition into the Void to slay Amon, using Ulnar as a void portal. They fought through void entities that tore at their forces, but were eventually successful in allowing Sarah Kerrigan to ascend into a xel'naga,[3] and in slaying Amon.[8]

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Logo2

This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

SpearBCLeviathian SC2-Lotv-Screenshot

An entrance to the Void

The Void can 'bend' into the material universe, warping the very fabric of space and time.[15]



Nerazim Edit

"The Void is not like the Khala. It does not draw us together and connect us in a blanket of warm feelings. The Void certainly does not offer itself willingly. A dark templar stalks the Void and, through will and discipline, forces it to give up its power."
ParticleDisrupter SC2 Game1

Void energy being fired as a projectile

The Void is understood by the Nerazim.[16] Due to severing their nerve-appendages in a display of contempt for the Conclave, they lost the primal link the rest of the protoss share,[17] and removed them from the control and discipline the Khala provides.[18] Forced to live in secrecy to avoid detection by the Khalai, and without the psionic focus afforded by the Khala, the Nerazim were forced to delve into the mysteries of the Void, eventually learning how to wrest its power by means of rigorous training, discipline, and will.[19]

The Void provides the Nerazim with psionic powers unheard of by their brethren[9] and grants them enormously strong individual will.[20] They require great will and discipline to make use of the Void, and can be consumed by it if they do not possess these traits.[21] Those who walk this path do so with diligence and reverence, for they know full well the dangers lurking in the shadows of the Void.[19]

The "currents" of the Void allow faster-than-lightspeed travel for the Dark Templar.[9] Strands of the Void can be wielded by a Nerazim, separating it into numerous strands if they so desire.[21]

Void powers enable Dark Templar to resist infestation by the zerg.[22] The particle disrupters mounted on stalkers use the power of a Nerazim to shoot entropic Void energy at targets;[23] Tal'darim stalkers' have been observed to fire green projectiles, as opposed to the usual blue fired by their Daelaam counterparts.[24]

The warp blades utilized by Nerazim warriors are infused with Void energy.[19]


The Nerazim appear to associate the Void with death or the afterlife – to "embrace the Void" is to embrace death, so to speak.[21][25] They consider anything that taints the Void to be unholy, and it is a major part of their religion.[26] When the Nerazim began studying the Void they wrote texts on the subject, said texts becoming the basis of their teachings on the subject centuries later.[21]

During the Second Great War, certain Dark Templar mentioned "an ancient voice whispering from the Void," chilling them to the core.[27]

The Void and the KhalaEdit
Tassadar SC2 Cncpt1

Tassadar wielding the Void and the Khala simultaneously.

Utilizing the Void and Khala simultaneously grants protoss incredible power, but can result in the protoss burning out like a star. Protoss who can utilize both sets of power simultaneously are exceedingly rare. Known practitioners were Adun[18] and Tassadar.[28] Similarly, the prismatic core of the void ray draws upon the powers of the Void and Khala in tandem,[21] forming a self-sustaining reaction[16] and thus making the core a virtually eternal power source.[29]

The Tal'darimEdit

The Tal'darim believe that Amon resides within the Void, and it is only through His blessing that one is able to travel through it. It is from the Void that they draw energy for their psi-blades. In addition, they regularly use terrazine, a substance originally from the Void, to enhance their powers.[2]


The xel'naga arose within the Void[4] and understood their domain. Their ships possessed the ability to travel through it.[9] The xel'naga imprisoned the KL-2 entity using the powers of the Void.[26] When their physical bodies are killed, their minds survive within the Void, and they can be revived with enough psionic energy, as happened with Amon.[4] As such, the only way to truly kill a xel'naga is to destroy it in the Void.[2]

Other RacesEdit

The Void is inhabited by a mysterious entity at KL-2 calling itself the "Heart of the Void". The KL-2 entity "tainted" the Void, according to the Nerazim.[26]

The Overmind wielded powers similar to those of the Nerazim; such powers being the only thing that could permanently destroy its cerebrates[30] and the Overmind itself.[31]


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