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A lab complex on Vygoire was operated by the Terran Dominion, maintaining a staff of around 100 individuals. The complex was set at the base of a hill, and consisted of six buildings with at least two subterranean levels and a comms tower. A fence surrounded the base, with an entrance for vehicle traffic at its southwest, specifically a two-track road leading into the jungle. Another trail led into the jungle from the base's north side.

The base was set up to study the after-effects of zerg creep on an ecosystem, which the zerg had brought to Vygoire when they invaded three years prior. During this process, they discovered some strange spores that had psychoactive effects. The scientists were affected and were reduced to the level of savages, intent on sacrificing their number to the "Great One."

Torch Seven was sent to investigate it after it had failed to maintain contact for six months. Orbital observation from the Scion showed that the complex had suffered some damage, but apparently from the result of natural phenomena, likely a landslide. Investigating the base, the team found that the power was still on, and that some of the automated processes were still going. Accessing the central terminals, they gained some insight into its research project. The scientists were later encountered in the forests of the planet, infested by the spores they researched.

Torch Seven later fell back to the lab when the Great One attacked, and used the vespene gas stored inside in order to make a bomb that could collapse a ravine on top of the ultralisk. The plan was successful, and the ultralisk killed. The facility was destroyed when the planet was nuked by the Scion after the remaining Torch Seven members and Vera Langridge were evacuated.[1]

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