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A spore native to Vygoire was researched by the Terran Dominion through a lab complex they had set up on the world. It was found to have psychoactive properties and have an effect on the parts of the brain that predispose human beings to ritual behavior. The spores infected the scientists there. A single ultralisk had previously been infected, and the scientists began offering themselves up as sacrifices for their new 'god' in a process called communion. The spores' psychoactive effects drive this process. At least in the case of some terrans, the spores make one's head fuzzy, as if hearing voices, in the early stages of infection, along with blood forming in the mouth. If an infected individual is left with nothing to commune with (as in, other organisms also infected by the spores), they will rave madly. Vera Langridge, another terran, is immune to the spores' effects.

The spores can apparently escape detection by a HPINGNU. The planet of Vygoire was ordered to be sterilized to prevent the spread of the spores, though samples were taken by the Terran Dominion.[1]


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