Wabowski was a terran in the Confederate Marine Corps.


In December 2499, Private Wabowski was a firebat assigned to Third Squad, 417th Confederate Marine Platoon. The platoon was deployed to Mar Sara to retrieve a piece of Confederate equipment. Third Squad was chosen to spearhead the recon of Oasis.

Before long the platoon was beset by the zerg that had infested Oasis. During the engagement Wabowski suffered a lapse in battlefield awareness and, not realizing his platoon was withdrawing, became cut off. He did not realize that something was amiss until a group of zerg ambushed him and severed the fuel lines to his Perdition flamethrowers.

PFC Ardo Melnikov of Second Squad then fired his C-14 Gauss Rifle into Wabowski's plasma tanks. The subsequent explosion killed Wabowski and his attacked mercifully quickly. His death however, managed to allow enough time for the other members of the platoon to retreat as the fire from his plasma tanks burnt through the streets.


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