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The Warbringer was a powerful protoss reaver who served in Mojo's Boys alongside Praetor Mojo.



The Warbringer was a reaver developed with a powerful A.I. that specialized in advanced siege warfare.[1]

During the Great War, the Warbringer fought alongside Mojo's Boys. Midway through the conflict it was captured by Schezar's Scavengers and placed in a stasis cell on Aiur. Protoss Praetor Mojo enlisted the help of a breakaway faction of Alpha Squadron, a military unit within the Terran Dominion, led by Tom Kazansky and Magellan. The terrans rescued Mojo, the Danimoth and the Warbringer from captivity.[2]

The Warbringer took part in a mission to destroy a cerebrate captured by the Scavengers, alongside Mojo's Boys and the breakaway terran faction. The mission was a success.[3]

A New WarbringerEdit

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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Main article: Warbringer (Purifier)

During the End War, a Purifier construct of modeled after the AI of Warbringer was created, and fought alongside Talandar. It possessed the ability to inhabit the shell of Purifier colossi.[4]

Game UnitEdit

In Enslavers, Warbringer serves as a hero reaver. Compared to a regular reaver, it has much higher stats with all reaver upgrades.

In addition, Warbringer attacks immediately, instead of waiting before attacking like an ordinary reaver.[5]



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