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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

"Warcraft IV, a game expected by many ones, seems to be far away. Since many products are in developing by Blizzard, it wait would be longer. When one door shuts, another opens. The powerful SC2 Editor came out, that one can create delicate games by just using it. Blizzard seems to say "Wanna Warcraft IV? Help yourself!" So I did it."

- Steven Luo(src)

Warcraft RTS: Alliance and Horde (WAH) is a Warcraft-based mod built in the Galaxy Map Editor by Steven Luo. The game had its 1.0 release in October, 2013.


With the lack of a Warcraft RTS game after The Frozen Throne, Luo quit his job to build the game.[1] The idea for the mod was as far back as the beta for World of Warcraft.[2]

The game features two factions (the Alliance and Horde), including 14 buildings, 16 units and 18 heroes and over 50 creeps. The game features 3 melee maps (as of October, 2013), and an AI system for skirmish games. Elements of World of Warcraft are present in the game also, including locations, units, and abilities. This includes a reflection of the current status of the Alliance and Horde as of the events of Mists of Pandaria. Luo would like to implement a Burning Legion faction at some point.[3]


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