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"It is now confirmed with absolute certainty that Dark Templars' Warp Blades react to the user's strength of will. Perhaps, given some time, we can use such information to our advantage should we have any further encounters with Dark Templar."
WarpBlade SC2-WoL CineProphecy1

Zeratul's warp blade

Warp blades are powerful Nerazim melee weapons.


DarkTemplar SC2 Head3

Lenassa warp blade

The origins of the warp blade lie on the xel'naga ship the Nerazim departed Aiur in. Gaining access to new knowledge, the Nerazim used the psi-blade as a template to forge an instrument with which to shape their burgeoning psionic ability, and infuse it with Void energy.[1] Warp blades are more powerful than psi-blades,[2] and react to the user's strength of will, turning centuries of discipline and training into a powerful weapon. Further iterations on its design yielded scythe-like blades, which helped diversify the combat style of the Dark Templar.[1] These shadow scythes are wielded by the Zer'atai[3] and the Nerazim Matriarch Vorazun,[4] while the Lenassa favor "wickedly curved" warp blades.[5] By comparison, the centurions of the Nerazim Shadow Guard have their warp blades mounted on forearms, similar to psionic blades of Khalai zealots.[6]

ArtanisZeratul SC2-LotV Cine1

A psi-blade parries a warp blade

Warp blades are able to parry psi-blades, and be parried in turn. After the severing of his nerve chords, Artanis demonstrated the ability to wield a warp and psi blade in tandem.[7] According to the Daelaam archives, Praetor Fenix was able to wield warp blades when he used them to slay Nerazim terrorists who had taken over a Conclave tower.[8]

Like psionic blades, warp blades also vary in color. While those of the Nerazim are green, those of the centurion shadow guards have a light blue color.[9]


DarkTemplar SC2 Cncpt1

Zer'atai shadow scythe

  • The single-blade design was originally intended for Zeratul's character only, but due to time constraints, the same unit design was used for all dark templar in StarCraft: Brood War.[10]
  • Vindictus has been depicted using similar weapons in concept art.[11]


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