Corporal Wasser was a Confederate marine who served on Raydin III during the Guild Wars. He was part of a Tactical Response Squad led by Captain Jack Larimer.

He was short but very strong, capable of nearly matching the taller Tychus Findlay in arm-wrestling contests.

Wasser's relationship to Captain Larimer was described as that of a "dog" to its master. He was also referred to as a "troll" ... but not to his face.[1]


In 2488 Captain Larimer plotted an attack on anti-Confederate dissidents near the town of Prosser's Well. Taking advantage of a recent victory against the Kel-Morian Combine, Larimer arranged for the squad to dress as Kel-Morian outriders and use a captured Kel-Morian dropship to attack a well-defended dissident's house.

In the opinion of Larimer's second-in-command, Staff Sergeant Tychus Findlay, Wasser took part in the mission in order to watch him. The mission went awry when strong resistance killed several marines and damaged the dropship. Findlay lost his temper and rifle-butted Larimer. Wasser jumped on him, and with the aid of several other marines took him prisoner.[1]


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