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Wes was one of the younger colonists of Bhekar Ro. The younger brother of Lyn and cousin of Jon, he was among those called to Free Haven to discuss the emergence of an alien artifact. He was quite alarmed at the prospect, suggesting that the apparent death of Lars Bren and the signal it had sent into space may have been part of an attempt to communicate with the colonists.

A few days later, he and the rest of the colony were called in again, courtesy of the downing of an alien craft. Anticipating a threat that might have to be dealt with before the arrival of outside aid, Wes and the rest of the colonists prepared to defend their world, Wes suggesting that the pulse pistols that many of the colonists used for hunting urchin lizards could make effective weapons. Such weapons were put to use earlier than expected, Octavia Bren alerting the colony that alien invaders had landed before the arrival of friendly forces.


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