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William Peaches was a terran and vulture pilot in the Confederate Marine Corps, namely the 417th Confederate Marine Platoon. He saw action in Mar Sara during its last days.


In late 2499, Peaches was a member of First Squad, 417th Confederate Marine Platoon, and deployed to Mar Sara. Unknown to the platoon, they were deployed to secure a psi-emitter at Oasis Station. Scouting the station with the squad, Peaches was the first to sight the infesting zerg and provided support and cover when the platoon was forced to regroup and withdraw. Peaches and Private Windom were the only survivors of First Squad.

Peaches and Windom successfully created a corridor through the zerg for the platoon to escape but the two went missing before they could rendezvous with the remaining survivors at Bunker Complex 3847.


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