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The title of this article is conjectural. The subject has no canonical name.

Sigma Quadrant Worldship
Ulnar SC2-WoL Story1





Xel'naga (formerly)
Tal'darimStandard SC2 Logo1 Tal'darim

The Sigma Quadrant Worldship is a xel'naga worldship. It was abandoned in the Sigma Quadrant. The derelict stored a component of a xel'naga device.[1]


The Tal'darim occupied it by the Second Great War and imprisoned several Dark Templar there. Some of the ship's rip-field generators were still functional.[2]

Main article: Maw of the Void

Raynor's Raiders attacked during the war, and broke through Tal'darim defenses to retrieve the component.[2]


The worldship shown on the Maw of the Void mission briefing can be found on the map editor on the file directory Assets>Portraits>Terran>BriefingPortrait_TTychus05.m3. Search via visualizer. Better to set camera for "%MODEL%: Star2Camera01".[3]


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