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"My name is Wright...sir to you. You are now aboard the troopship Gladiator, which is about to break orbit, and take you to Turaxis II. Once there, you will be transformed into warriors. And not just any warriors, but the best warriors in the whole friggin' galaxy, even if it kills you...which would be fine with me."

- Wright 'welcoming' new recruits(src)

Staff Sergeant Wright was a Confederate Marine Corps training sergeant during the Guild Wars. Dark skinned, he wasn't that tall, but nonetheless had a commanding presence.

In 2488 he briefed new recruits aboard the troopship Gladiator. One new recruit, listed as Ryk Kydd, tried to tell him he was in fact Ark Bennet, son of Errol Bennet of the Old Families. He claimed that Errol would reward him for returning him. However, Wright appeared not to believe him, and said he the Corps would keep him until he passed basic training. At that point, he could get help from the Bureau of Personnel.

At which point he ordered Kydd to do thirty push-ups for wasting his time.[1]


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