Xiang was a terran marine private in the Confederate Marine Corps, namely the 417th Confederate Marine Platoon. He saw action in Mar Sara in its last days.


Private Xiang was deployed to Mar Sara circa 2499 at around the time the planet would soon be destroyed, sent to Bunker Complex 3847. He and the rest of the platoon were sent to Oasis Station to recover a piece of Confederate equipment, Xiang assigned to Second Squad. The recon turned into a bloody firefight with the zerg settled in the town. He was ordered along with Private Ekart to frag the hole PFC Ardo Melnikov fell into while Private Bernelli set a charge.

Xiang later helped Sergeant Jon Littlefield carry the piece of equipment, though later joined in the fight against the zerg. He survived the initial battle and the long retreat back to base, though 2 other members of his squad, Ekart and Alley weren't as lucky. After seeing that their base has been completely abandoned, Xiang was ordered on watch alongside Cutter and Mellish to see if any zerg would arrive or not. He however, was absent for the action which cost the platoon their only escape from the planet and the death of Sergeant Littlefield.

With the Confederates having now completely withdrawn from Mar Sara, there was little to no chance of escape. The platoon decides to make a final stand against the zerg moving on Mar Sara City by luring them in with the piece of equipment they recovered, which in actual fact, was a psi emitter, thus buying time for the city's evacuation by the Sons of Korhal. Xiang took part in the initial battle though did not make it to the final stand, having been killed when his bunker burst into flames. Nonetheless, his sacrifice helped save the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of Mar Sarans.


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