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The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm which is no longer valid.

Yeti SC2 Cncpt1


Yeti (a.k.a. snow beasts)[1] were fauna[2] which live on Kaldir, a protoss-settled ice world in the Koprulu Sector. A large number of them reside in the Ice Valleys. They are led by yeti matriarchs.[1]

During the Second Great War, Sarah Kerrigan led her nascent brood against them to collect their DNA while also reclaiming the Nafash Brood.[3]

Yeti were replaced by ursadons in more recent versions of Heart of the Swarm.[4]

Game UnitEdit

StarCraft IIEdit

Yeti SC2 DevGame1

A yeti in-game

Yeti appeared as a third force in the mission Silence their Cries. They attacked both the zerg and protoss forces at will. Unlike the matriarchs, they did not present much of a threat.[5]

Heroes of the StormEdit

Heroes DevLog2

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

In Heroes of the Storm, defeating a yeti camp gave runestone rewards, which a hero could use to summon yeti minions, potentially ten or more, at allied towers.[6][7]


The Yeti is an ape-like mythological creature, said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal, India and Tibet.


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