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Zagara Brood



Broodmother Zagara


Zerg SC2 Icon Zerg Swarm (?–late 2504, later rejoined)




Char (formerly)

  The Zagara Brood is a minor zerg brood[2] led by Zagara, a broodmother.

Following Kerrigan's defeat and de-infestation on Char, it remained there, seeking large egg piles in an acid marsh.[3] Despite General Horace Warfield's extermination campaign against the zerg remaining on the planet, the brood was able to thrive.[4] Its prosperity was interrupted when Kerrigan returned to Char however, subduing it before it could collect too many eggs.[3]

Zagara surrendered, putting the brood under Kerrigan's control. Upon defeat, Zagara pleaded for mercy and was forgiven. She joined Kerrigan's forces.[5]


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