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Zeb Terra

January 17, 2500, Tarsonis






TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Terran Confederacy

Old Families
Terra Family

Scion of the Old Families

Family and

Zebediah Terra, known as Zeb, was the son of Constantino and Bella Terra, and the brother of Nova and Clara Terra. He was raised on Tarsonis.


On the same day as Nova's birthday party, the Terra Family plant in Palombo Valley was attacked by the Sons of Korhal, prompting Constantino to send Nova away to the safety of Tyrador IX. Zebediah remained behind to learn more about the family business.

The family was targeted by Cliff Nadaner, an anti-Confederate terrorist, who dispatched Edward Peters (a spy within the Terra household) and Gustavo McBain to execute the Terras.

Nova had been sent off to safety, but discovering new psychic powers, had returned to the scene of execution. McBain personally shot Zeb in the head as Nova watched. Her powers flared up, killing the terrorists and remaining servants in the Terra home.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Zeb Terra hated his full name, and was annoyed because his younger sister grew taller than him by her fifteenth birthday.

Zeb learned most of the tasks of being an Old Family scion, such as business, and planned on taking over the Terra family business after his father retired or died. He could speak properly and knew the right dance steps... but couldn't break his habit of eating messily (and talking while doing so).

He generally opposed heavy-handed attacks on rebels such as the Sons of Korhal, believing the destruction of Korhal was what created the rebellion in the first place.


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