Zenn, originally a lush paradise world, fell into an ice age after the larger of the twin suns supporting the planet failed. Zenn remained in obscurity for decades, serving only as a stopping point and safe haven for smugglers and Fringe World miners. This all changed when the frozen planet was named as the site for the New Dominion Winter Olympics, the premiere sporting event in terran space. All went well until the ill-fated plasma rail bobsledding event.[1] Prospectors often came to the world in search of oil.[2]

Although Olympic Security was prepared for possible trouble since plasma rail bobsled fans are renowned as a rowdy and potentially violent bunch, no one could have anticipated the riot that erupted when the Korhal Heat Blisters upset the favored Braxis Glaciers crew in the finals. Screams of derision and empty beer canisters hurled in anger rapidly turned into gauss rifle fire. Clashes in the streets of Zenn broke out between stolen goliath security combat vehicles. The aggression spread like wildfire across the planet, soon becoming a struggle for survival on this inhospitable world. "The Riot" continues to this day, and though neither the Korhal Heat Blisters nor the Braxis Glaciers have emerged triumphant, their enthusiasm for the sport of bobsledding remains undiminished.[1]

Game MapEdit

The planet is featured on the multiplayer map "Ice Age", later being mentioned in the short story "The Fightin' SceeVees."


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