ZergBot SC-GA2 Body1


Zerg-bots, mechanical recreations of zerg, are a class of battle-bots.

Used by the Ghost Academy in training simulations, zerg-bot variants include replications of zerglings, hydralisks and defilers, all of which mimic their organic counterparts' actions. The defiler's plague ability is substituted for by a flamable gas that induces paralysis. A controller (such as Sarco Angelini) oversees and controls the robots' actions. Zerg-bots are capable of learning and adjusting to ghost trainee tactics.

To ensure further accuracy, the use of technopathy is forbidden against the robots.[1]

Robotic hydralisks were used in the training of the Reaper Corps at the Icehouse.[2]

Civilian uses for zerg robotic drones were also not uncommon, and Axiom Ordnance utilized drones made to resemble mutalisks in their promotional piece on the warhound.[3]


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