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Zerg Troopers




Zerg Troopers is a scenario map for StarCraft 64.

A terran force was studying an ancient protoss temple on an unidentified planet when Edmund Duke announced that a large wave of zerg were approaching their position.

He ordered a commander to defend the temple for 15 minutes while dropships arrived to evacuate them. However, it the temple fell, High Command had ordered the dropships to turn around.

Game MapEdit

Each player occupies a half of a walled area (top and bottom) defended by missile turrets, bunkers and numerous other structures. A final line of bunkers defends the temple itself.

The zerg spawn just outside the walls at intervals and attack en masse.


Blizzard Entertainment, Mass Media Inc. StarCraft 64. (Nintendo of America, Inc.) Mission: Zerg Troopers (in English). 2000.

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