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These are zerg versus protoss (ZvP) strategies used in StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War matches.

Common Early GameEdit

9 poolEdit

The build order is:

From here, use the vespene gas to either research Metabolic Boost to enhance zerglings, or upgrade to a lair for mutalisks or lurkers.

Over poolEdit

The build order is:

After the hatchery, produce only overlords and zerglings. This strategy only works during the first ten minutes of the game.

12 expansionEdit

The aim is to have more resources. The build order is:

  • 9 drones
  • Overlord
  • Hatchery (1st expansion)
  • Spawning pool

Once the 13th drone is trained, the goal is to found a 2nd expansion with another hatchery. This may be followed by a lair upgrade for a longer game, or a hydralisk rush for a shorter game.

Common Mid GameEdit

Neo SauronEdit

Korean zerg player n.die.jaedong popularized this strategy.[citation needed] It uses multiple hatcheries and expansions to increase income and production. The build order is:

  • 9 drones
  • Overlord
  • 3 drones
  • Hatchery (1st expansion)
  • Spawning pool
  • 2 drones
  • Hatchery (2nd expansion)
  • 3 drones
  • Extractor
  • Lair
  • Spire
  • Hydralisk den
  • Another hatchery at each expansion

Zerglings may be produced as required.

Five hatcheries and at least three vespene geysers are enough to mass hydralisks and lurkers. This is effective against a corsair-reaver strategy.

Corsair huntingEdit

Produce mutalisks and scourge to seek and destroy corsairs to prevent overlord loss. This may be helped by hiding overlords in safe spots.

Common Late GameEdit


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