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Common Early GameEdit

15 hatch into 14 poolEdit

This is an economy-boosting opening where a second hatchery is built with 15 psi used, followed by a spawning pool. This leaves the base vulnerable to a bunker rush, which must be countered by drones. The queen may be used to counter hellion or banshee openings.

14 pool(/11pool) without 15 hatchEdit

This is a defensive opening against an expected heavy enemy push in the early game. A spawning pool is built with an extractor, instead of building a hatchery; expanding is delayed. The vespene gas allows the research of the zergling's Metabolic Boost, and use of banelings.

The zerglings and banelings may be used offensively. Banelings breach the defensive wall while the zerlgings exploit the gap. This works best if the wall is thin and is not backed up by bunkers.

Rare Early GameEdit

6 or 10 poolEdit

The zergling rush opening only works if the terran base is not walled.

Mid GameEdit

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