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Zoo Keeper is a StarCraft scenario map.


Zeratul hosts the annual rhynadon hunt on Aiur. He warns that Animal Rights Organizations (the Zookeepers) will interfere in the hunt with lethal force.

Game MapEdit

There are four player positions, which may be of any race. The players collect points by killing rhynadons; whoever has the most points after 30 minutes wins.

There are four groups of "Zoo Keepers" (orange and yellow terrans, brown protoss and white zerg) around the map, protecting groups of rhynadons. The Zoo Keepers have no workers and control no resource nodes.

If a player enters the protoss base, it will spawn two high templar with maximum energy.


Blizzard Entertainment. StarCraft. Vivendi Games. Map: Zoo Keeper (in English). 1998.

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